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We have released BankTree Mobile 2.0.0 (for Android and iOS). This works with the BankTree Personal finance 3.0 desktop application.

Need to keep up to date with your money while on the move? It is easy with the BankTree mobile app, just key in your expenses while out shopping, in the restaurant, or while watching your favourite movie. Key in your expenses, then use your phone or tablet to take a picture of your receipt and attach it. You can also get your account balance right away.

Need to share a bill or add more than one category, to your transaction? That is no problem using split transactions. Need to transfer money to a different account that is also no problem with account transfers.

Do you have a computer, Android tablet, Android phone, iPhone, or iPad? Keep them all up to date by synchronizing data between your Dropbox and Google Drive account, and your Windows desktop computer. Run BankTree Mobile standalone or with the popular BankTree personal finance Windows desktop application.

UPATE! BankTree Mobile will also work with BankTree Online, our personal finance for the web. Just enable BankTree online on the app, and update transations in real time.

Need to add recurring transactions or direct debits, then that is no problem with the scheduling feature. You can enter your recurring transactions to see your forecasted spending.

Need to break the bad budget habit – then use our budgeting feature keeps you out of the red and in the green.

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John Lee, a minister in Margaret Thatcher's government in the Eighties, is living proof that serious wealth can be made from tucking away money in a stocks and shares Isa each year.

Telegraph Money asked him to name the shares he held in his Isa today and to explain how he has reshaped his portfolio since August 2013, when a rule change allowed shares listed on London's junior Aim market to be held in Isas for the first time.

How Lord Lee has reshaped his Isa portfolio over the past couple of years Lord Lee's investment approach is simple: to buy established, profitable businesses that pay dividends.

At present he holds 20 shares in his Isa, eight of which belong to the Aim market.

"I think private investors should be able to support small businesses that need the capital to grow, while at the same time avoiding taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance if held for two years." Since the rule change, Lord Lee has reshaped his Isa portfolio to introduce Aim shares.

After becoming an Isa millionaire, Lord Lee no longer felt the need to make full use of his Isa allowance, saying he had put only a "Modest" amount of new capital into the savings schemes since reaching the landmark.

The shares he is buying in 2015 This Isa season Lord Lee said he had reinvested some of his profits into Quarto, the publisher, because the shares were cheap, currently trading on a price to earnings ratio of 10.

In this special guide offered by Hargreaves Lansdown find out how three ISA millionaires reveal their investing stories and provide tips to help you build large tax-efficient portfolios. Exculsive: The Investing Secrets of ISA Millionaires

Upgrade to BankTree personal finance 3.0. Our latest software offers a new interface allowing you to manage your money. For all your home budget needs, manage all your accounts cash and investments with our desktop application and mobile app.

As an existing user of BankTree personal finance 2.0, you can now upgrade to our latest package for £30.00. Upgrade to the latest version of our software for an amazing discount of nearly 15%, compared to the full price of £35.00.

To download the latest version please visit the download area

Updated 24th December 2014

We have released BankTree Mobile (for Android and iOS). This works with the BankTree Personal finance 3.0 desktop application.

BankTree Mobile has the following features

  • Run stand alone or with the desktop application
  • View your net worth across all accounts
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports account groups
  • Add and delete account transactions
  • Add transfers and split transactions
  • Take a picture of your receipt and attach to your transaction
  • Synchronise transactions and receipts with the BankTree personal finance desktop application
  • Link all your mobile devices with BankTree personal finance desktop application

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Budgets aren't fun and they aren't sexy. They are, however, completely necessary. Cheryl Porier, AKA Miss Download, takes a look at BankTree Personal Finance and loves how easy, intuitive and relatively painless it can be to track money coming in and money going out. Product shown is BankTree Personal Finance 2.0

For those with slightly sophisticated finances, investments can also be managed with BankTree Personal Finance.

1) Linked cash account / capital account: When you create a new investment account in BankTree Personal Finance, you will also notice a linked cash account for the newly created investment has been created. This is used to track your investment gain/loss and will hold the cash value for your investments. It functions just like a normal cash account i.e. as you buy shares the value of this account will decrease, and increase when you sell shares. You can also use it to schedule recurring investment transactions (although you will not be able to amend investment transactions). Deleting this account will also delete the investment account.

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