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 Credit Card Import


This article applies to: BankTree Personal Finance 2.0


I have imported some credit card transactions from my bank. The issue I have is that it imports the expenses on the card as income and visa versa. Is there any way to change this so when it imports it classifies the transactions correctly?


Not all banks offer credit card statements in the same format - if your statement has the income imported as expense and vice versa, and you would like to amend this:

Upgrade to the latest version of the software (2.12.5, 18th April 2012)

1) Select all the imported transactions in the account transaction screen.

2) Click on the Edit Transaction button.

3) When the Multi-Transaction Edit dialogue is shown - From the Type drop-down list select 'Reverse'.

4) Click on the Save button.

This will reverse the incomes to expenses and vice verse.


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