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 BankTree Personal Finance and the Apple Mac


The Mac operating system is different to the Windows operating system. The only way you can run a Windows application on a Mac is to Install the Windows operating system on the Mac or to use some form of Windows emulator on a Mac.

The following options are available:

1. Crossover, purchase price 59.99 USD (Windows Emulator)
2. Parallels Desktop, purchase price 79.99 USD (Windows Emulator)
3. Windows 10 new install, purchase price 119.99 USD
4. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Upgrade to Windows 10 is FREE

If you have decided to install the Windows operating system on your Mac, the following information is available from Apple on how to do this:


Hence the only way of running our Windows desktop application is to install it on a Windows platform, either on a PC with Windows installed or a Mac with Windows installed / Windows emulator.

The Mobile app will run on the Android platform or the iOS platform (this means iPhone or iPad) it will not work on a Mac.

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