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 Using the software on another computer (Restoring a Backup, Copying Data Files, Reinstallation, Reactivation - BankTree 2.0)


This article applies to: BankTree Personal Finance 2.0

We are unable to offer free support for this version, and you will need to raise a premium support ticket if you require assistance.

This article covers the following scenarios:

  • Using the software on other computer
  • Restoring a Backup
  • Reinstalling the installation and your registration
  • Copying data files and registration to a different computer or the same computer
  • Reactivating the software
  • Missing .tfr (transfer file)
  • Lost all your data files

Please read this article fully. If you have been sent here by support it is because it provides a solution to the problem you have outlined!

To copy your registration and data files to another computer

On the computer you have registered the software on (The Backup)

  1. Go to the Tools Menu and select Backup Files.

You can select a USB drive to backup to.

You are selecting a location to backup the files to so you need to select the destination drive etc. Use the left pane scroll bar to select the drive and enter the file name in the right pane - clicking on the Save button.

  1. Your USB drive will contain two files, the data file (.dat) and the transfer file (.tfr), they must have the same name i.e. banktree.dat and banktree.tfr

On the computer you need to copy the registration / data files to (The Restore)

  1. Reinstall version 2.0 of the software (this is no longer available to download from our website)
  2. When you run the software it will display the message the trial has expired.
  3. Do not click on Register Now to activate the software as this will not work.
  4. You need to copy the data files directly to the computer you are restoring the files to.
  5. If you have copied the files to the USB drive as above then you need to make sure they are called banktree.dat and banktree.tfr
  6. Copy the files banktree.dat and banktree.tfr  to "My Documents\BankTree 2.0\" in Windows Xp or "Documents\BankTree 2.0\" In Windows 7 and later.
  7. After restoring your data file you will have full access to the registered version of the software.

Selecting your data file

  • If you need to reselect your data file as you see the sample data file - go to the File Menu and select File > Open, and select your own the data file.

Error message 'Backup files are incomplete, please make sure your backup contains all relevant files'

The error message is due to a missing transfer file:

  • this could be because the data file was produced on a different computer and does not contain the transfer file - in which case create the backup in the version 2.0 application on the other computer again.
  • or you may have a transfer file which has become corrupted, in which case delete the transfer file.

I have my data file but do not have my transfer (.tfr) file how do I recover my data on my computer?

  • You will need to raise a premium support ticket. You will then need to send us your data file, from which we can create your transfer file (.tfr) (this process does not require us to create a new registration - which we are now unable to do).

I have lost all my data how do I register on my computer?

  • If you have lost your data file, you can upgrade to BankTree personal finance 3.0 the cost for the upgrade is £30.00. You must use the same email address you previously used when registering. You do not need to contact us as the discount is applied automatically when you purchase the new version of the software. BankTree personal finance 2.0 is no longer available for sale so we are unable to create new registrations.

  • As part of our effort to continue to support the latest version of our software, as from 24th December 2014, support for BankTree Personal Finance version 2.0 will only be available by raising a premium support ticket.

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