Useful suggestion????

As of 24th December 2013 version 2.0 is no longer available for purchase. This is a general discussion and self help section for version 2.0, for people to post stuff they have found useful.
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Useful suggestion????

Post by rpge0118 » Thu Feb 21, 2008 10:27 pm

I have been using the program for a short time and already find it unhelpful not having the facility to back up the "data file" from within the program.
So that is my suggestion - A toolbar button to enable me to back up to any hard disk or peripheral.

One further suggestion in relation to the Scheduler. Is it possible to make the "continuously" choice just that, without the need to reference a future date? Or perhaps a dropdown choice within that menu for "Until further notice" or some similar wording.

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Post by BankTree Support » Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:46 pm

To back up your files. Please use the facility 'System Transfer' found under Tools -> System Transfer. This is only available to registered users.

Continuously referers to the period of times between the start and end date. The other option numbered, is a number of times from the start date - hence ignoring the end date.


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