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You will need to do this if you are moving your data to another computer or just keeping your data safe.

To backup your data, on to any media, use the File Backup function. We recommend users (as with any software application) back up their data consistently.

To use the backup function go to the File menu and select Backup. You will need to have your back-area ready; choose a folder on your computer or a separate disk drive

To restore the data the restore files function can be used, this is again under the file menu.

  1. On the registration screen click on the Buy Now button.
  2. Fill in your user information and confirm you wish to purchase.
  3. Click Next, you will be taken to the payment pages - this shows a summary of your payment allowing you to pick your payment provider PayPal. After selecting a payment provider you will be taken to the appropriate website.
  4. Complete your payment details.
  5. Check you have received your email from PayPal, confirming your payment.
  6. Go back to the registration screen, and click Buy Now. The registration screen will check if your payment has been received successfully.
    If it has the software will become activated. (There may be a short delay while PayPal processes the payment).

If the software has still not been activated please submit a Support ticket

Using the BankTree personal finance software, you can organize your finances much better. Download you statements from your online institutions and have them available in one easy to use application.

Most financial institutions provide the ability for you to view your account balance using the Internet, and will also provide a mechanism to download this information to your PC. Follow the instructions contained in the BankTree application regarding file imports to have this information readily available.

Using the BankTree personal finance software, you can easily view your financial health. Bank accounts, building society accounts, credit card accounts etc can all be entered into the BankTree personal finance application.

Using BankTree’s personal finance software you can eliminate debt. Having many financial institutions — such as banks, credit card companies, store card etc, debt can quickly build up without you noticing. With most people having multiple credit cards (on average up to 8) to know what your debt is — is the first step in trying to sort it out without the need to resorting to expensive financial consultants, and more debt in the form of consolidated loans.

Using the BankTree personal finance software you can get a consolidated view of your debt, across all your financial institutions, and know how much you owe.

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