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 How to reinstall the software


After my computer crashed I have lost all my files. How do I reinstall the software and my registration?

If you have your backup files you can recover your registration by following this articles:

BankTree Personal Finance 2.0

BankTree Personal Finance 3.0

If you do not have a backup of your data  you can reinstall the software from our website.

Download the software from our website and install on the computer - at the Registration screen click on Buy Now and complete your details and confirm reactivation, You must use your original email address when registering. If you have previously registered on the same computer / same hard disk / same operating system the software will become activated immediately.

If this is a different computer / hard disk / operating system you will be prompted to make a payment of £5.00 to reactivate the software, after making your payment you will need to click on Buy Now to activate the software.

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