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 BankTree Personal Finance and Windows 10


We have tested BankTree Personal Finance 3.0 on Windows 10 and the software is working without any problems.

Some customers who have upgraded to Windows 10, have found the following actions need to we carried out after the upgrade.

Where you are asked to select your data file, it has been assumed you are using the default data file. To check the actual file you are using look at the file location displayed in the application title bar. You must use this location for the data file, when you are told to make any changes.

  1. Unable to install the software or the data file can not be opened:
    • This is caused by installation not having the correct permissions
    • Right Click the installation file (InstallManager.exe)
    • Select the option Run as Administrator
    • You will be prompted to give Windows permissions (which you accept)
    • The installation will complete giving the correct permissions
  2. Run time Error '0' on saving or amending an entry:
    • This is caused by the wrong file permissions being applied to the file
    • Using Windows Explorer go to the file location C:\Documents\BankTree 3.0\
    • Right Click the file BankTree.dat or your own data file (in whatever location you have put it)
    • Selecting properties
    • Un-Check the READ ONLY Attribute (so the file can be written to).
  3. Unable to create folder or data file:
    • This is caused by the application not having the correct permissions
    • Using Windows Explorer go to the file location C:\Program Files\BankTree 3.0\
      • For Windows 64-bit go to the file location C:\Program Files(x86)\BankTree 3.0\
    • Right click the application file BankTree3.exe, and select Properties
    • Select the Compatibility Tab
    • Click on Change Settings for All Users button
    • Select the option Run this program as an administrator and press the OK button.
  4. Date settings: These may revert to US American:
    • You need to reset the language settings for your computer
    • Go to Windows Settings and select the Language
    • Set this to your original language settings for example British English this will reset the date settings.

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